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Miriam Makeba - Jol'inkomo

In her introduction to Jol'inkomo, Miriam Makeba explains that this is a traditional song of encouragement sung to young warriors who were going off to fight. That's quite surprisingly, really. I didn't think young warriors needed much encouragement when it came to fighting. Violence itself is like one of those insect zappers, shining with a deadly blue light. Perhaps it is a song of encouragement for them to go off and be violent anywhere but at home. Perhaps. I kinda doubt it though.

So it's rather a shame about the potentially dodgy subject matter, because Jol'inkomo is a great melody, and Makeba had a truly amazing voice. She was active in the struggle against apartheid for many years, for which she was exiled from her native South Africa. Maybe I'm being a little to eager to judge.

Miriam Makeba - Jol'inkomo
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