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The Pogues - Sally MacLennane

My home town had a Guinness bottling plant. The ships would arrive from Dublin and moor on a small spit of land between the Mersey and the Manchester Ship Canal. There was no security whatsoever, and many a teen would develop a taste for the stuff supped straight from the outlet pipes.

Next to Guinness, The Pogues were the most Irish thing we knew, which is funny because none of them were actually Irish. It's true: of the six founder members, 5 were born in Britain and one in Nigeria. (Incidentally, in the league table of Guinness drinking nations, the UK and Nigeria are numbers 1 and 3 respectively. True fact.) Here's their second single, Sally MacLennane, named after a type of stout. A full speed song.

The Pogues - Sally MacLennane
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Well, actually Shane's technically Irish as he's got Irish parents. Love this ditty anyhow.