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They Might Be Giants - Shoehorn With Teeth

Are They Might Be Giants fans still as obsessive as they used to be? That always put me off them, I have to say. That and Birdhouse in Your Soul, which was just plain annoying. But for all that they spent way too much time and energy discussing what was mostly a novelty act, TMBG fans still had enough time to do stuff like invent the internet. Seriously, back in the day it was 25% TMBG, 25% Star Trek, 24% Usenet hierarchy reorganisation and 26% Kibo. So cut them some slack, okay?

I'm sure Shoehorn With Teeth has been analysed to death already, but I have my own theory, namely that it is 73 seconds long and entirely nonsense. There's enough meaning in the world without going out trying to construct some more. Let it go, already. Isn't it enough that it's a silly tune and deliciously sinister?

They Might Be Giants - Shoehorn With Teeth
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