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cyberinsektcyberinsekt wrote
on January 16th, 2013 at 02:00 am

Blurt - Get

I wanted to feature a bit more of post-punk experimentalists Blurt back here, so I revisited their back catalogue. To my surprise, some of it was rather more tame and less radical than I remembered it. Perhaps I should have expected that, although to be fair I had been wanting some coarse-grained skronk. This early track is the sort of thing I was hunting for. On Get the sax roars and squeals and the shouted vocals are swathed in distortion and echo. Sure, it sounds as if it might have been recorded in a shed, but that's part of its raucous appeal. It's crying out for a dub version, if only so a bigger space can be filled with its fury. Glorious.

Blurt - Get
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