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cyberinsektcyberinsekt wrote
on January 17th, 2013 at 02:04 am

Henrik Nåmark - Now You're A Hero

You Have To Burn The Rope is an internet classic. It's an anti-game which mimics a boss fight in a platform game, but it's actually so much less. It tell you precisely what to do (hint: it involves rope and burning), and once you've followed the instructions, that's it. You've won. And for your minimal effort you're rewarded with a song several times the length of the entire experience.

Henrik Nåmark's Now You're A Hero is sincere in its praise for you, and all you've accomplished. Remember that time when you went to fight the Grinning Colossus? And remember how you jumped on those platforms? And do you remember when you b—. Oh, sorry. Almost spoiled it. Wouldn't want to do that.

Henrik Nåmark - Now You're A Hero
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