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cyberinsektcyberinsekt wrote
on January 20th, 2013 at 02:10 am

Ghédalia Tazartès - Voyage à l'ombre 6

Here's another extraordinary voice for you. Actually, what's most remarkable about Ghédalia Tazartès isn't his voice itself, it's how he uses it. Since the 1970s he's worked at the unfashionable intersection of music concrete, ethnomusicology, tape experiments and gypsy folk. Typically he constructs his music from overlapping recordings of his own voice. Call him a maverick, an autodidact or an outsider, but nobody has ever come close to making the same kinds of sounds as Ghédalia Tazartès.

Here's a particularly tuneful piece from his 1997 album Voyage à l'ombre. Tuneful yes, but also utterly demented, as Tazartès moves between cabaret, chanson and sinister laughter. I don't want to know where he found this music, I'm just glad he made it back safe. Theatrical shamanic dada.

Ghédalia Tazartès - Voyage à l'ombre 6
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