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cyberinsektcyberinsekt wrote
on January 22nd, 2013 at 02:01 am

İlhan Erşahin - Bosphorus

İlhan Erşahin is a rather adventurous Turkish saxophonist. Bosphorus, from his 2010 album Istanbul Sessions with Erik Truffaz, swings along warmly and almost gently, were it not for some powerful undercurrents. The bass sounds for all the world like Duane Eddy, and yet harmonically everything's adorned with these little modal touches to let you know that yes, this is actually Turkish music. I love the spot half way through where huge wet waves of sound wash over you, and then Truffaz goes absolutely crazy playing his trumpet through a fx pedal. A comfortable groove, but not a terribly safe one.

İlhan Erşahin - Bosphorus
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