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cyberinsektcyberinsekt wrote
on January 24th, 2013 at 02:04 am

Meredith Monk - Skeleton Lines

Meredith Monk's 2008 album Impermanence is supposed to be her mature, reflective work. It's the record where she contemplates mortality and her musical legacy. Indeed, there's quite a lot of that going on; it's filled with music that is sombre and considered, the music of wisdom and experience.

And right in the middle of it, like a tongue sticking out of a face, is Skeleton Lines.

It's some of the most exuberant, most delightful music Monk has ever made. It's as if your aunt suddenly decided to take off her boots and go outside to dance in the wet grass while pulling silly faces, laughing at your look of horror. Who fears death cannot enjoy life, and this is a moment of pure pleasure, 2/4 dance music for piano, clarinet, voice and percussion. Like the best comedy, this is all about the timing. A perfect moment.

Meredith Monk - Skeleton Lines
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