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cyberinsektcyberinsekt wrote
on January 28th, 2013 at 02:18 am

Electroputas - Wo

Whenever someone asks me how can I listen to that shit, I generally assume they're talking about a band like Electroputas. They were an Hungaro-Japanese avant-garde trio who released a couple of records and periodically resurface to play a handful of gigs. Confusingly, the name Electroputas has also taken up by some shitty non-ironically retro act who play gurningly awful techno. That was confusing when I first encountered them.

But anyway, how can I listen to this shit, with a guitar that sounds as if it's being played by someone who first picked up the instrument 10 minutes ago? That's actually a pretty precise description of the guitar sound on Wo, and I should know, as for many years my own guitar playing sounded exactly like this. I am thrilled to discover that it is so highly regarded by avant-garde cognoscenti.

Electroputas are a primitivist act, just like the No-Neck Blues Band mould. Think of Matisse's The Snail. On the one hand it looks like it's something made by a child at infant school, sticking squares of coloured paper onto a canvas, and on the other it's one of the more significant pieces of 20th century art. Electroputas don't have that level of significance, but don't discount their music solely because it's made from devolved guitar, mechanical clatter and wailing vocal drones. How can I listen to it? With wonder.

Electroputas - Wo
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