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Oval - Sensa

Oval were the undisputed kings of '90s ambient glitch music. They took the sound of skipping CDs and made it pretty. By the time of their 2001 album Ovalcommers however, they were no longer quite so ridiculously good looking.

Here's a track from that album. Sensa is still true to the band's more ambient past. Rather than showing conventional structures, it's instinctive music, each moment a reaction to the previous. It has the same disturbed surface that listeners had come to expect from the band, but underneath things had changed dramatically. Instead of the smooth, still substrate for the cracks to refract across, it's now the sound of oversaturated media. It's rich and it's noisy. Back then most listeners weren't prepared to see the beauty in noise, and this has remained a much underrated recording. Time to reassess.

Oval - Sensa