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Pussy Riot - Make America Great Again

It's always interesting to hear what Pussy Riot are doing. They're in a very unusual position where even if their music is not what you'd actually call 'good', it can't fail to be of cultural value. No wonder other bands resent them. It's understandable, but it misses the point. They're not really a band, more an art collective/protest group who have chosen music as their medium.

Likewise, we shouldn't expect their music to be stylistically constant. It's tailored to the situation. When they had to evade the Russian authorities they were hit and run punks. Now, with a bit more leisure to do their work there's no need for that. Even so, it's a bit of a shock to hear Make America Great Again, recorded by Pussy Riot member Maria Alyokhina. It's sunny beach pop, catchy and facile, St Tropez by way of Rio. Released as part of the XXX EP just before the 2016 US elections it's not exactly what you'd call subtle, and arguably nor should it have been. Still, the tone is so starkly at odds with the current climate that it will probably be remembered as a failed experiment. More Molotov cocktails in future please.

Pussy Riot - Make America Great Again