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Folke Rabe - What??

Minimalism is the centre point of music, and everyone approaches it from a different direction. Folke Rabe started his musical career playing trombone in Dixieland jazz bands in Sweden, but also studied under Ligeti and Lutosławski. His pioneering drone work What?? dates back to 1967 during a residency at the electronic workshop of Swedish Radio. A lot has been written about how it was constructed, focussing on technical aspects relating to the differing harmonics involved, but rather less about how it feels. A lot of drone pieces feel very centred. They feel physical, part of the body, radiating out in all directions. What?? is very different. It sits above the listener's head like a small glowing cloud, self-contained and unknowable. It is sound poised and ready for action, like a cat quivering and ready to pounce. Yet it never does. It is the ultimate tease.

Folke Rabe - What??