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Clive Fencott - London Building & Home Insurance

One thing I've learned recently is that if you want to listen to sound poetry recordings, you'd better be prepared to put up with some pretty shoddy recording quality. However fascinating many of them are, they do have a tendency to sound like they were recorded on a cassette recorder that was just lying on a table nearby the performance. To be fair, a lot of them probably were.

That's one of the reasons why you've got to cherish pieces like Clive Fencott's London Building & Home Insurance, from the 1983 release Oral Complex at the L.M.C.. Fencott has constantly sought new forms of poetic expression over the years and has never been shy of experimenting with new technologies. His output includes interactive fiction and Android apps, and this early trip to the London Musicians' Collective makes great use of echo and tape effects. Growls, plosives and other unidentifiable bits of vocalese twist back on themselves to produce shifting multilayered sonic edifices, forever building up and falling down. Not for the faint hearted.

Clive Fencott - London Building & Home Insurance