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Max Ochs - Raga 2

Takoma Records was the indie label started by John Fahey in 1959 to release his own music. As the years went on he added a few other guitarists whose work interested him, most notably Robbie Basho. In 1967 the compilation Contemporary Guitar was released. On it were two pieces by Max Ochs, both simply tited Raga.

Now the interesting thing about these is that they're definitely not ragas, not by any means. The scales are all over the place, for a start. They do have that Indian style of arpeggiation and rhythmic accompaniment, but that's all. But the thing that's deep in this music is the blues picking. Occasionally Ochs hits a note just so and you can hear the Mississippi delta. It's not what you'd call a success, but it is fascinating to hear the experimentation. Lots of surface noise on this vinyl rip, just as a warning.

Max Ochs - Raga 2