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Manolo Kabezabolo - Pisan Detrás

Not many people outside of his native Spain know about Manolo Kabezabolo. He's embodied the spirit of authentic DIY outsider punk better than just about anyone else, recording predominantly as a one man band for the last 25 years. For a while he didn't even bother with instruments, although things did pick up when he relented and got himself a guitar. This year he played Japan for the first time, and what's more did it with a full band, Los Ke No Dan Pie Kon Bolo. Knowing the Japanese love of classic metal they played a bunch of covers which are now collected on the EP Manuel Japan, credited to "Iron Mendez". Here's Pisan Detrás, which you probably know better as the Ramones' Beat On The Brat. It's fantastic to hear him enjoying himself in front of an enthusiastic crowd like this. Full download is free from http://manolokabezabolo.es/.

Manolo Kabezabolo - Pisan Detrás