Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Aphex Twin - Milkman

Few people have done creepy and uncomfortable as well as Richard D James. He's right up there with Serge Gainsbourg when it comes to awkward tweet ratios. Milkman dates to 1996 and first appeared on the Girl/Boy EP, and can also be found on some re-issues of the classic Richard D James Album.

Amidst all of the broken beats lies a simple melody, with Jones singing in a childish voice about the daily morning visit of the milkman. But this nostalgic picture isn't as banal as it might seen, as our prepubescent narrator starts to feel his first inchoate sexual urges. I suppose it might be possible to dismiss all of this as silly smut, but I think there's something more there. Very few works address those first confused longings, and the close horizons of this slight piece seem to speak honestly of them.

Oh, and it's also an abominable earworm, so be be careful.

Aphex Twin - Milkman
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