Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

David Teie - Cozmo's Air

Having written about music for so many years you get to know your limitations. At some point you've got to step back from that ego of yours and admit that a certain piece of music has merit, even if it wasn't written for you. But at least you usually have the advantage of it having been written for your species.

When I heard about David Teie's Music For Cats project, my initial response was that the musicians were back on their bullshit again. Music for cats? It sounds preposterous. So I tried to put my prejudices aside and give it my attention. Well let me tell you I was not convinced. It sounded like relaxing classical music with a few twirls and whistles, the occasional something that might have been birdsong, and a great low bass purring. I was ready to dismiss it entirely. Then my cat Sweeney ran into the room, sat bolt upright and turned his ears towards the speakers. He loved it. Well, he certainly seemed to love the purring parts.

David Teie has been working on his cat music for a few years now. Cozmo's Air is one of his earlier pieces, and doesn't offer much for human listeners. It's pretty hardcore cat music. He's since released the first album of his 4 album Music for Cats project, and it offers a lot more of interest. You could probably enjoy with your feline pals. But you know Doklands is all about keeping it real, ahem, so Cozmo's Air it is.

Oh, and for full disclosure I should state that while Sweeney certainly seemed to be listening, Dewey just fell asleep, so don't trust my bullshit either. But I'm still half tempted to buy a bluetooth speaker for their bed.

David Teie - Cozmo's Air

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