Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Brainticket - Radagacuca

We all love a bit of vintage krautrock, right? And we know all of the clichés about it: the founding of a national identity, the synths, the motorik beat, the sparse design. In fact, we have such a strong image of the music that it's hard, at this distance, to remember what it arose in reaction against. Y'see, much of the European music of that era is not subtle. It's wildly derivative of the US and UK scenes. It's maximalist almost by accident, taking every musical idea of the time and throwing them all into a blender. And of course it was way more popular than most of those bands we now love.

Still there's something to be said, years later, for those messy recordings. No band typified that aesthetic more than the Swiss/German/Belgian act Brainticket. Their debut, Cottonwoodhill is one of the most overblown freakouts ever put to disc, a preposterous collage of every psychedelic cliché around. Oh don't get me wrong, I love it, but there's no artistry there. Rather more interesting is the band's second album Psychonaut (1972). Listening to the opening track Radagacuca you'd be forgiven for thinking them an entirely different band. Hammer horror organ meets echo-laden flute meets hand drums, and before you know it the song has become a laid back and dreamy jazz/folk number. Don't worry, everything goes back to full on batshit for the climax, full of shrieks and cackles. It's as if Brainticket knew how to make all of the sounds, but hadn't intuited any of the rules; less an act of musical daring than the work of outsiders. While I can totally understand the reaction against it, this still deserves attention.

Brainticket - Radagacuca
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