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The Meters - Chicken Strut

In the spirit of the Nuggets series of compilations and in the spirit of Chickens, this week it is Doklands' very great pleasure to present to you Chicken Nuggets, a series of lost or forgotten songs about chickens. It is a scholarly project of cultural significance, and not just a bunch of stuff we found on the internet.

(Honestly, we couldn't believe it either, but no-one has ever used the Chicken Nuggets name before. Baggsies. Oh, and we know there are serious things that can be said about chickens in Afro-American culture, and those things are important, but can we also not forget that chickens are hilarious and chicken music is party music.)

The Meters were from New Orleans and, along with James Brown, are one of the pioneers of funk. No music says chicken like funk does, so their presence here is mandatory. Chicken Strut was a 1970 single of theirs and what a gem it is. Full on unashamed buk buk bukka vocals, freaky screaming, some wild handclap rhythms, and Art Neville's keyboards are right on form. Dumb on purpose was the new smart long before the Ramones hit the scene, you know?

The Meters - Chicken Strut