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The Soul Seven - Mr. Chicken Shit

How rare do you like your funk?1 The Soul Seven used to be a high school marching band from Dallas (and boy can you tell) until their music teacher decided to turn them on to funk. And you know what, as a horn section they were pretty damn good. And that's despite playing alongside one of the most idiosyncratic bassists I've heard in a long time. They might have been alongside, but those lines certainly weren't parallel if you know what I mean. The instrumental Mr. Chicken Shit (1969) has that raw unprofessionalism that we love from all the best garage rock of that era, as well as that raw lack of sound engineering. Seriously, it sounds like it was recorded from an adjacent room. Killer stuff though.

1. True story: my wife and I went to our local pub for a meal, and she chose the mixed grill. "How rare would you like your steak?" they asked. "Rare, please." "And how rare would you like your chicken and sausage?"

They do serve good beer though so we still go back.

The Soul Seven - Mr. Chicken Shit