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Kim Myhr - Sort Sol

When Kim Myhr plays guitar, you can hear all the overtones that come from the strings dancing beneath his fingertips. You can also hear sudden shrieks of feedback, pulsing drones, ghastly melismas, and amplified crunches. Yet even amidst all the noise he brings to his music, there's an intense intimacy that comes from the close up of finger and wire.

Sort Sol comes from his 2016 release Bloom, and it's more than just a testament to the breadth of his guitar vocabulary, it's a genuinely exciting piece of truly original music. I'm unsure as to how much is improvised and how much composed, but it certainly seems to benefit from extensive overdubbing. Either way, this qualifies as some of the most interesting solo guitar work I've heard in several years. Strong recommend.

Kim Myhr - Sort Sol