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Hu Vibrational - Soma

Drumming music can be as multicoloured as you like, but it tends to emphasise one thing: the hit. The moment when hand or stick strikes the skin. We think of percussive music as being a bright thing, it can be dense but it is always sharp.

The udu drum of Nigeria is different. It's made of clay, is filled half full of water, doesn't have a skin, and its most characteristic sound comes not from striking the vessel itself, but from palm strikes that force air through its side or top holes. It makes an uncanny booming bass sound.

Hu Vibrational combine that with more wooden-sounding drums, the bass of guest star Bill Laswell, and the scrawled line guitar of Eivind Aarset. Soma comes from their fourth album, the 2015 release The Epic Botanical Beat Suite, and it's a track as deep as blood. The rhythms lull you, but the guitar is always there to spread unease. A profoundly unsettling piece of music.

Hu Vibrational - Soma