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Bruce Ditmas - L'Unita

As a jazz drummer, Bruce Ditmas played backup for Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland. Nothing wrong with that. But as a composer, when he wasn't putting bread on the table, he produced some of the most wacked out electronic shit of the 1970s. L'Unita comes from his 1977 album Yellow and is full of aleatory synth notes and utterly barmy drum machine breaks. It takes a few harmonic cues from the furthest out experiments of Paul Bley and Herbie Hancock, but its unrelenting commitment to full speed sequencing is unmatched. It's all sixteenths, all the time, and not a beat is missed. There's probably good reason nobody ever followed up on this madness, but damn is it good to know that those early experiments were done.

Bruce Ditmas - L'Unita