Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Kikagaku Moyo - Dripping Sun

I've been listening to Japanese psyche rockers Kikagaku Moya for a few years now. While they always put on a great show they're seldom a band to truly suprise you. But Dripping Sun from their 2018 album Masana Temples might be their most innovative song to date. Kotsu Goy's bass is all over the track, imbuing it with a warmth and a surprisingly relaxed feel. He's found a really great tone. The band go from '70s funk rock to dreamy indie jazz pop to freak out and every single moment sounds fantastic. A lot of the credit has to go to producer Bruno Pernadas for his ability to bottle the sunshine. Really top notch stuff.

Kikagaku Moyo - Dripping Sun
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