Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Country Teasers - David, I Hope You Don't Mind

Ben "The Rebel" Wallers and his band Country Teasers are best known for their irony, for riding roughshod over boundaries of taste and decency, and for their intensely detuned country-meets-avant-garage sound. Only one of those is true in the case of David, I Hope You Don't Mind from their album Destroy All Human Life (1999). It's an ode to their friend David Edwards, lead singer of Datblygu whose ill health forced him to retire from music. They give us the rarest of songs, a tender and honest thing that's as painful as a newly undressed wound. Wallers' voice is deliberately off key. It hurts him to sing about this, it's damn well going to hurt us to listen to it. That's a technique we're all too familiar with when it comes to singing of personal suffering, but to hear it used as an act of empathy is brave and rather wonderful.

Country Teasers - David, I Hope You Don't Mind
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