Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Faust - Hit Me

Faust Is Last (2010) was meant to be the band's final album. It wasn't, of course. Turns out that they just couldn't stop collaborating, from old pals like Slapp Happy to newer talent such as Lone Taxidermist. But seeing as how by the time this album rolled out the only member of the original line-up was Hans Joachim Irmler, it didn't feel like too unlikely a proposition.

Hit Me is one of those numbers that needs to be played loud. You need to honour the distortion and the thud of the drums, the blown-out speakers and the calorific decibels. It's primitive psychedelia with Mark E Smith style vocals, unholy and massive and shares at least some of its musical DNA with Interstellar Overdrive. Quite brilliant, just don't expect another Meadow Meal.

Faust - Hit Me
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