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The Human Condition - Condemned

The Human Condition was a short lived band formed by Jah Wobble after leaving PiL. Their sole releases were a couple of live cassettes. Alongside Wobble were fellow PiL exile Jim Walker on drums and Dave "Animal" Maltby on guitar. The music was bold and experimental, ranging from industrial dub to free funk. Honestly it's pretty great stuff, easily the equal of any of the no wave jazz coming out of New York at the time. The one problem is with the sound quality - those cassettes haven't aged well, and the actual recordings sound as if they weren't that great to begin with.

The best and the worst comes in the form of Condemned, the final track from Live in Europe, November 1981 (1982). It sounds as if it was recorded in a biscuit tin, with all the low end cut from Wobble's bass. But to compensate we get the full pincushion guitar explorations of Dave Maltby. He's constantly riding the edge of feedback in a performance that is absolutely terrifying in its intensity. Really wish this was better recorded, but even as it stands it's cavernous as fuck. Don't miss it.

The Human Condition - Condemned