Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Matthais Schriefl - Luxemburg

The aesthetic of horn player Matthais Schriefl is a tricky one to pin down. It's part lush romantic jazz melodicism, part dirty metal, part jolly Alpine yodel tunes, and 100% mischief. I've yet to hear him go a-wandering down the mountain track, but I fear it can only be a matter of time. Really, I cannot stress enough how okay it is to not like this music. But give it a chance first, because I guarantee you that you will not hear anything even remotely like it anywhere else.

Here's Luxemburg from the album Keine Angst vor Shreefpunk (2018). The Shreefpunk regulars are joined by the string trio Netnakisum and Finnish guitarist Kalle Kalima. It's music that takes joy in its own bizarre nature, flitting between disjointed experimentation, satirical MOR smoothness and big fat muscular headbanging, all building to a joyous crescendo. It's European as fuck and so much fun.

Matthais Schriefl - Luxemburg
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