Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Lisa Knapp - Padstow May Song

Absolutely fucking incredible treatment of an ancient folksong by Lisa Knapp. The Padstow May Song is the centrepiece of the Padstow 'Obby 'Oss festival, supposedly one of the few surviving remnants of the cross quarter day pagan culture in the UK. You know the sort of thing: the death of winter, the green man; that or possibly just an extended joke at the expense of the French.

Anyway Lisa Knapp takes the song and tips in a drawerful of associations: mechanical cuckoos, buzzing insects, snatches of The Workers United Will Never Be Defeated (from an old Test Dept. record?) and the like. It's disorienting, bewildering, as if you were caught up in the madness of the dance and couldn't find your bearings. It's almost like glitch-folk, but played with a tender warmth like the first of summer. She has a voice like a young willow tree, half bent over and seemingly at the mercy of the wind, but impossible to break. From her 2017 album of May songs, Till April Is Dead - A Garland of May.

Lisa Knapp - Padstow May Song
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