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The Colorblind James Experience - A Different Bob

If I were to simply tell you that this track was a mixture of relaxed Americana and cocktail jazz, with wryly amusing lyrics, I know what would happen. None of you buggers would download it, and that would be a damn shame.

The CJBE achieved cult status in the UK in the late '80s on the back of enthusiastic radio play from John Peel. They were deft. They were peculiar. What made this particularly appealing is that their peculiarity never seemed forced, or affected. It was most certainly not wacky. They were stubbornly themselves. It was effortlessly outside of the mainstream, and made no attempt to celebrate this fact, it merely was. And what it was was damn fine.

Their eponymous first album contained a number of classic songs, including the one the band would remain most famous for, Considering a Move to Memphis. However, I've always been fond of A Different Bob, easily the funniest song ever written about the despair of the cuckold. Colorblind James himself, Chuck Cuminale, died in 2001; in a classic rock star death he drowned in a swimming pool after suffering heart failure. Damn shame.