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January 1st, 2013


Chris Watson - Embleton Rookery, Northumberland, England

Happy 2013, people. I was blathering on about authenticity the other day, wasn't I? Again. Was I saying that it was some sort of false idol, an ultimately meaningless dogma? Probably. I usually do, left to my own devices. Yet despite all of that, there's still something terribly attractive about the idea of listening to something authentic, something real.

Well here's something real for you, and to get it you merely have to drop the requirement for your sounds to be music. Chris Watson was a founder member of Cabaret Voltaire, and formerly part of the Hafler Trio. But for most of his career he's worked as a sound recordist, and has several albums of field recordings to his name. Embleton Rookery is taken from his 1996 album Stepping Into the Dark, and it's the sound of a colony of rooks and some church bells ringing six. Undeniably authentic.

Chris Watson - Embleton Rookery, Northumberland, England
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