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January 4th, 2013


Mary Halvorson Quintet - Moon Traps in Seven Rings (No. 17)

Here's a reminder as to why Mary Halvorson is the most exciting guitarist in the world today. Moon Traps in Seven Rings (No. 17) is taken from her 2010 album Saturn Sings. It starts as a quiet and melodic piece of rather lyrical, relaxed jazz. And then Halvorson decides to make her presence known and completely obliterates it. Without distortion, without volume, without sharp edges: her guitar is the coin and the rest of the band is the scratchcard. When she ducks out again, all your expectations have changed. You can't hear the music again in the same way. If you dare relax with it for a moment, Mary Halvorson might come along again. And so he does, first with the distortion and then with the pitchbending. I think by the end of this she's actually playing the tuning pegs. All credit to the rest of her band, who play everything completely straight, otherwise this wouldn't work nearly so well. Mindblowing.

Mary Halvorson Quintet - Moon Traps in Seven Rings (No. 17)
(alternate download)