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January 8th, 2013


Whitey - Stay On The Outside

When I were a lad, we all loved Joy Division and learned how to play their songs. It was the right time and the right place: they were a local band, the songs were great and deceptively simple. None of us could play for shit but it didn't stop us.

Whitey is another local act, Doklands local that is. I sometimes think of him as being what we could have been like, if we'd actually had talent. There's a certain JD quality to some of the sparse guitar lines in Stay On The Outside, but it's way tighter and rhythmically sussed than anything we had back then. It's got handclaps and subdued menace and a terrific build. It uses very few sounds, but none of them are run of the mill and all of them are exactly where they should be.

Whitey has a new album ready to be released and wants to tour it, but can afford neither. You can help by funding this via Kickstarter. But only if you like the music (you will like the music).


Whitey - Stay On The Outside
(alternate download)