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January 11th, 2013


Sonic Boom - Help Me Please

It's entirely possible to believe that Pete Kember might have been a bit of a berk for deciding to call himself Sonic Boom while at the same time envying him for the amount of drugs he must have consumed to consider this a good idea. A rather better idea was Spectrum, his first solo album after the breakup of Spacemen 3. It had one of the greatest album covers of all time. The sleeve was printed with one pattern, and on top of that was a transparent rotating plastic disc on which had been printed another. Spin it round and you could get 360° of interference patterns.

Here's the opening track, the swelling, wisp-like Help Me Please. Given that I was so down on death-suckers looking for redemption just the other day, it might seem a bit hypocritical to post this today. Then again, it might be that redemption. Or it might just be a terrific bit of sound.

Sonic Boom - Help Me Please
(alternate download)