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August 1st, 2017


Anika - Love Buzz

In reality Annika Henderson was born is Surrey and worked as a political journalist before teaming up with Geoff Barrow to make music. That's reality all over: boring prosaic and forever missing the more interesting stories. How much better would it have been if Anika was actually an art student from Potsdam in the early 1980s? She'd heard Neue Deustche Welle music and had recorded her own, but because she was behind the Iron Curtain the master tapes languished in a suitcase until they were rediscovered in 2010. I dunno, I guess some people just want recognition for their creative labour.

Love Buzz comes from the 2013 Anika EP and it really does sound as if it could have emerged from some vault of forgotten NDW. It's got that classic dull metronomic thud, and Anika's vocals go far beyond deadpan and emotionless into the almost comically gloomy. It's such a great piece of theatre; just as cavernous as the original by Shocking Blue, but far more knowing about how to fill that space.

Anika - Love Buzz