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August 9th, 2017


Chino Amobi - Warszawa

Brian Eno's Music For Airports is an undoubted classic, but it's seldom mentioned just how much a document it is of a forgotten age. When he wrote it, the airports that Eno had in mind were the becalmed lounges of privilege. Budget airlines were still an anomaly, and flight was the preserve of the comfortably off. Being able to fly had a cachet, it afforded the traveller the benefits of class.

These days passengers know no such deference. And why would they? After all, these days anyone can board a plane: political types, poor people, people of colour. Hence Chino Amobi's 2016 album Airport Music for Black Folk. This is an entirely different type of airport: gone are the comfortable seats, replaced only with hostility and suspicion. The record is a nightmare journey around the terminals of Europe, and none is more threatening than the hellish Warszawa. It's three minutes of blaring sirens and flashing lights, oppressive and headache-inducing. This is stark, high-contrast and unerringly political: powerful stuff.

Chino Amobi - Warszawa