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September 14th, 2017


ShitKid - Tropics

Plenty of people have approached the music of the past in an ironic or kitsch way. That's certainly been the case with exotica and pop music for quite some time. Far fewer have taken this approach to rock'n'roll. Maybe it's because it's difficult to get right, or maybe it's because rock always sees itself as the music of now, of the future, and any reference to its past is something to be avoided. Yet when this approach works, it has created music that has remained innovative and fresh sounding for decades: some of Suicide's early recordings could almost be contemporary.

Or at least they could until ShitKid came along. It's the work of Gothenburg-based Åsa Söderqvis who has created a new ironic distance between past and present. The loping, affected laziness of Tropics has a DIY surf vibe to it, and an almost childlike appreciation of vintage rock. It's cool, it's fun, and it's from the 2017 album Fish.

ShitKid - Tropics