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February 1st, 2018


Thee Oh Sees - Keys to the Castle

Yeah, I know Thee Oh Sees decided to call themselves Oh Sees when this was released. They're entitled to do that, but I'm not splitting my music library into fragments for their convenience. Don't care how many times they change their sound. The no wavy garage/psych assault has mostly been left behind, but they're still music's premier D&D-influenced act.

Keys to the Castle comes from their 2017 album Orc, and it's a tale of two halves. It starts as brisk Krautpop with dangerously proggy vocals. The second half though is amazing, a fuzzed out drone that pulses away with electric piano and some utterly gorgeous half-submerged viola. It's from a whole different loot table to something like Carrion Crawler, but of equivalent GP value.

Thee Oh Sees - Keys to the Castle