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February 24th, 2018


Lorenzo Senni - Zeroth-Order Approximation

Don't be intimidated by that song title. It's just a mathematician's way of saying a rough guess, not particularly accurate.

For the last decade or so, Lorenzo Senni has been working with his own personal deconstruction of trance music. Some times it's recognizably such, at least in as much as he uses a Roland JP8000 to generate all the sounds. Other times, it's rather more tangential. That's certainly the case with Zeroth-Order Approximation from his 2014 album Superimpositions. It sounds as if he's started with his usual experimental take on the form, and then cut micro-holes of silence through it, like some kind of audio Cantor set. I could be entirely wrong and it's been made additively rather than subtractively, but either way it's still a fascinating listen. Even, god forbid, if you've no interest in the music of mathematics.

Lorenzo Senni - Zeroth-Order Approximation