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April 12th, 2018


Clock DVA - Sensorium (original single mix)

Industrial music isn't supposed work on the dancefloor. It isn't supposed to have tunes. It certainly isn't supposed to have saxophones. Nobody told Clock DVA any of this, because they were from Sheffield. Adi Newton had been part of the mid-'70s electronic music scene there that gave birth to so many unorthodox bands, but even there he was an outlier. He wanted music that was more experimental, less easy to label.

Sensorium was certainly that. It would be a snappy enough bit of post-punk funk, tuneful and fun but probably forgotten if not for one thing: the extraordinary soprano sax contribution of Charlie Collins. He goes from playing simple arpeggiated figures to full blown free jazz improvisations. You might know the rule where the sax stops playing while the vocalist sings, but not Collins. He inhabits almost every single moment of this, and more to the point this isn't some harmonically limited rock sax, it is wild and free and pure. This is the version that appears as the b-side to their debut single, the 1981 release 4 Hours, but it can also be found on their album Thirst.

Clock DVA - Sensorium (original single mix)