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November 1st, 2018


Alfa Mist - Potential

Jazz has been cross pollinated with just about every other musical style over the years: ragtime, swing, blues, showtime, classical, soul, funk, rock and minimalism. It's how it has stayed contemporary over the years. Now we're getting crossover from hip hop and grime, particularly among the new wave of musicians working in London.

Potential comes from Alfa Mist's 2017 debut Antiphon. It's a thoughtful and rather melancholy number, the beat laying heavy over your shoulders, weighing you down and letting you spring back up. It's serious but hopeful, as reflected by the spoken conversation between Alfa and his brother that runs throughout. That in turn leads into a muted guitar solo that, in its pained chromaticism, is at odds with the luscious groove. A bit of rough in the diamond to end this absolute killer.

Alfa Mist - Potential