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December 2nd, 2018


Ste McCabe - Queer Clubbing

Oh you do love a good stereotype, don't you? You love the gays, because they are without exception utterly fabulous. And they're so far ahead on all of the fashion trends. The hi-energy disco music they love, nothing goes better with a bit of amyl than that. They're all so sharp and witty.

Reclaiming the word "queer" was an ultimately futile cause. It started as a way to dig out a bit of non-conformity within the LGB community. It wasn't about dressing up. It was for people who saw through cattiness and diva worship to the misogyny on the other side. It was unashamedly radical, mocking of its own self-seriousness.

And then of course it got recognised and glamourised. Ste McCabe was a mouthy working class gay lad when he wrote Queer Clubbing from the album Hate Mail (2008). It's a hate fuck for the Manchester gay scene, and the finest pop-punk the city had produced since the Buzzcocks days.

Ste McCabe - Queer Clubbing