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December 4th, 2018


Half Man Half Biscuit - King of Hi-Vis

Is it possible for our news media to stop trying to paint Emmanuel Macron as a centrist? The guy's economic policies are a hard-right embrace of austerity, a cruel slashing of state benefits, and ever increasing tax breaks for corporations. He's like the human version of George Osborne.

Anyway, the gilets jaunes have been all over the news of late, and the nation has been collectively disappointed by the BBC's translation of this as yellow jackets. What a lost opportunity when they could have be called the Kings of Hi-Vis, after the song by Half Man Half Biscuit. Here it is, in all of its jaunty rockist anthemicism. It's a singalong tribute to hiding in plain sight, and blagging your way in anywhere courtesy of a fluorescent bib. From the 2011 classic CSI: Ambleside.

Half Man Half Biscuit - King of Hi-Vis