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December 6th, 2018


Liquid Liquid - Cavern

One of the most influential songs of the 1980s was White Lines by Grandmaster Melle Mel, and the stories around it are wild. Then a film student, Spike Lee made an unofficial video starring Laurence Fishburne. Some releases were credited to Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel; it was an attempt to trade on Flash's name despite him having absolutely nothing to do with the recording. Oh, and the whole thing was a note for note rip of Cavern by Liquid Liquid.

That's right. No sampling of basslines or drum breaks, the Sugar Hill crew instead got a bunch of session musicians to re-record the entire song, and then used it as a backing track. So here's the original, with that amazing syncopated bass in its natural environment, surrounded by sparse percussion and full of vital menace. From the 1983 Optimo EP, it's an underground dancefloor essential.

Liquid Liquid - Cavern