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January 2nd, 2019


Sun City Girls - The Vinegar Stroke

We all love the Sun City Girls, but sometime forget just how wilfully annoying they could be. Such was the case on The Vinegar Stroke from their 1993 album Torch of the Mystics: a great tune made irritating by some overenthusiastic percussion. But it wasn't the only time in 1993 that the SCG released The Vinegar Stroke. It also appeared on Libyan Dream, a very limited edition which was droplifted into street vendor cassette racks in SE Asia. Thankfully that later saw life as Carnival Folklore Resurrection vol. 7: Libyan Dream and people who knew what they were getting into were finally able to hear it. Good thing too. This live version of The Vinegar Stroke keeps tonal goodness but turns up the rock considerably. You know how the pipes have a skirl to them, when the harmonics start to get a life of their own and overtake proceedings? You get that here, and it's wonderful.

Sun City Girls - The Vinegar Stroke