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January 3rd, 2019


Shakti - Mind Ecology

Shakti were the all-star Anglo-Indian jazz fusion band that featured John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussain and L. Shankar. If that sounds bland or new agey to you then you should surely think again, because they recorded some of the most dazzling and brilliant music of their era. Mind Ecology is taken from their third album, the 1977 release Natural Elements, and it's certainly not the sound of a band who are coasting. They launch into the tune at furious speed and never let up for a moment. McLaughlin's guitar is like a sewing machine stitching every single second of the track together. I've heard countless Zakir Hussain recordings over the years, but this youthful performance is, if nothing else, among his fastest. But the absolute star here is L. Shankar on violin, who uses the velocity of the rest of the band as rocket fuel for his exhilarating soloing. Tremendously exciting music.

Shakti - Mind Ecology