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January 4th, 2019


Haroon Mirza - 50 Locked Grooves

Back from the immensely exciting Haroon Mirza exhibition at the Ikon in Birmingham. Some installations crammed into its galleries. One is The National Apavilion of Then and Now a totally dark triangular anechoic chamber from which a ring of LEDs hovering above head height lights up, bringing with it a primal electric buzz that grows louder as the lights brighten; both cut out at once in one of the most viscerally shocking artistic experiences I've ever had. Another standout is the Chamber for Horwitz, a room in which 8 LED blocks with audio outputs change colour and tone in a sequence that has the feel of fractally generated music. Had me grinning like an idiot and drinking in the sound and lights at maximum proximity. Really worth going out of your way to visit if you can get to Birmingham before 24th Feb.

Here's one of his audio projects, a set of 50 locked grooves released on 2 identical 12" 33s. I guess the theory is that it's set up for a pair of turntables to explore the thousands of permutations available. This is just the base audio though, if you fancy importing it into your favourite audio editor it should be easy enough to extract the individual component loops; if not just drink in the dirty industrial techno sounds like said grinning idiot.

Haroon Mirza - 50 Locked Grooves