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February 4th, 2019


Universal Indians w. Joe McPhee - Skullduggery

I'm a total sucker for the sort of free jazz that sets down a solid groove and has the horn players spitting fire like they're trying not to swallow Satan's cum. Skullduggery is just that eventually, although the road there is a rough scramble through breathtaking territory. Universal Indians are the trio of John Dikeman, Jon Rune Strøm, and Tollef Østvang. They're joined in this live set by veteran horn player Joe McPhee who started his career playing fire, spent a while in gnarly academic jazz, and these days is enjoying a second flush of youthful vigour. This is the title track of their 2015 album, and listening to it is like climbing a mountain, taking in the scenery and then powering on down.

Universal Indians w. Joe McPhee - Skullduggery