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February 11th, 2019


Hamid Drake, Albert Beger, William Parker - Funky Lacy

Funky Lacy comes from the album Evolving Silence, Vol. 2 (2006). While it's credited to all three guys, it would certainly be acceptable to call it an Albert Beger record: he wrote three of the four tracks, and he's the main melodic voice in the trio. Unfortunately, on this pick he is probably the least interesting performer - not to say there's anything wrong with his sax playing. Quite the contrary, some of his leaps are daring and exhilarating fun, it's just that anyone would be blown away by the amazing rhythm unit that is Parker and Drake. William Parker has been on so many records that it would be easy to take him for granted, but here he really shines with a bass that is both bone dry and sinuous as hell. It's impossible to stay still to, and having Hamid Drake sketching around the edges makes it even better. Top quality body jazz.

Hamid Drake, Albert Beger, William Parker - Funky Lacy