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April 21st, 2019


Stripey Zebras - Sgt. Bilko Plays Pop

At Doklands we are tremendously fond of bands who never learned to play their instruments properly. They just didn't see the point of it. It was an entirely unnecessary barrier to getting to play gigs. The Southend punk act Stripey Zebras were once such, an enjoyably messy outfit who had a guitar and little else. Their earliest recordings don't even have a drummer as such, just one of the band banging on whatever came to hand as they sang their offbeat childish nonsense. It's outsider music played with genuine joy and enthusiasm. Every teenage band should be as unafraid as this. Sgt. Bilko Plays Pop is a Diagram Bros.-esque delight from the New Criminals, Volume 1 cassette (1981).

Stripey Zebras - Sgt. Bilko Plays Pop